Why number “8” wire?

№8 wire is cultural shorthand in New Zealand, where I am from, for the practical inventiveness and everyday inspiration of farmers. It's a spirit of invention, application and hard work that I draw on.

Who I am

Richard Burte

I am Richard Burte. I have over 20 years experience in the software industry, in pre-sales, support, marketing, product and project management. My approach is customer-centric and adaptable.
I can present ideas to drive change; explore, define and code possible solutions. I have experience managing and delivering projects, building customer relationships, sales support and technical support.

What I do

From product management to prototyping solutions, my experience is grounded in user-centric problem solving.

  • Market analysis

    Opportunity and market sizing. SWAT. Competitive technical analysis.

  • Product positioning

    Segmentation modelling. Battle cards for field engagement.

  • Application design and prototyping

    Proficient in: HTML, PowerShell, C#, Visual Basic, Transact-SQL, VBA, Excel